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With Malaamal App, you get everything you need to start making profitable trades daily...

Stay Ahead With Malaamal App

This is your ALL in one dashboard to help you stay up to date.

Stock/Option Alert

Hand picked realtime alert on your phone & Email.

Hot Stocks

Realtime "HOT Stocks" that gets updated every 15 minutes.


Find out about all the upcoming "Power" IPOs & all the FDA approvals.


See stocks and options data visually. Draw, Compare & share.

Features You Will Love

Built-In Calculators

Charts & Visuals

Our easy to use visuals help you understand complex data points, so you can make better decisions on your trades.

Normal Price

Training To Master Stocks, You also get our TWO COURSES on stock & option trading in Nepali

Stock Market Masterclass

$197 Value - INCLUDED With Malaamal App !

Trading Options

$197 Value - INCLUDED With Malaamal App !

Never miss an alert again... no matter where you are

With Our Mobile App

Get Notifications On All Your Smart Phones & Watches

Get Full Access To All Features

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You Got Questions? We got the answers

1. What do i get for $49 per month?

You get UNLIMITED Alerts for Stock, Options, Hot Stocks, FDA, IPO and 2 Courses.  You get everything Included.

2. How will i get Alerts?

You will get alerts via Our platform, via SMS text ,& Emails.

3. Is Course really in Nepali?

Yes. FULL course is in Pure NEPALI.   All the concepts are explained in easy to understand manner.

4. Is there a guaranteed?

For first 30 days.   You are covered by our NO QUESTION ASEKD MONEY BACK Guarantee. 

5. What if i need help?

You can email us at or call or text Krishna at (469) 494-0543

6. Will Price go up in future?

If price goes up.  You will still pay $49 per month.  It will not increase for you.  So buy RIGHT NOW!  Stop wasting time! Become Malaaaamaal Today!

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